Marvel Comic: 5 Unique Facts about Galactus's Body!

Galactus is a cosmic creature who has a hobby of devouring the world in the Marvel Universe.


EMPATPAGI.COM- From being the enemy of the Fantastic Four, the savior of the universe, and the eater of the world, Galactus has played countless roles in the Marvel Universe. Galactus is the most important cosmic creature for the sake of maintaining the balance of the universe, despite its often destructive nature.

Galactus is also one of the most powerful creatures in the multiverse, possessing powers ranging from telepathy to matter manipulation. This makes Galactus a frightening enemy.

Even though he is part of the conceptual being in the universe, he has different physical forms when seen by other universal beings. Now, we will discuss 5 unique facts about Galactus's body.

5 Unique Facts about Galactus's Body

5. Vulnerable To Magic


Galactus is inseparable from the universe because he is a creature of science. Because of this, she did not often concern herself with the wizarding world, which made this a lot of damage to herself. Even though Galactus is a very strong and tough being, magic has a devastating effect on him.

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Galactus was once brought to the Wizarding Realm by a witch known as Zoloz. When he got there, Galactus decided to take advantage of the situation to consume planets as usual.

However, due to the magical nature of that realm, the planets in that realm were imbued with large amounts of magical energy. This energy had a bad effect on him, and the effect was similar to poisoning, which was detrimental to Galactus.

4. Devouring Planets To Maintain His Great Strength


To energize a creature as strong as Galactus, a huge amount of energy is needed. This is why he spent the entire planet keeping his strength strong. In order to find a planet that has enough energy to satisfy his hunger, Galactus appoints a messenger to survey and prepare a certain planet for him.

Even though he has found a suitable planet to swallow, Galactus can still eat all the planets in the universe and still feel hungry. Indeed, proper nutrition is needed for this strongest cosmic being.

3. Part Of The Fabric Of The Universe


It is very wrong to think that Galactus is a mindless creature who only cares about his own survival. Even though he had caused so much destruction, he was part of the order of the universe itself. Every world consumed by it has contributed to the balance of the universe.

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Galactus' physical condition is very important to the universe as a whole. If Galactus is weakened or feels threatened, the universe will definitely feel something wrong.

In one case when the evil Dormammu conquered Galactus with extremely powerful magic, the impact of Galactus's body with magic caused damage to the universe. This happens because the balance between magic and science cannot be improved.

2. Once Merged With "GAH LAK TUS"


Galactus was once drawn to the Ultimate Universe. Once there, he joins his twin in the Ultimate Universe, Gah Lak Tus, and his body undergoes a change. Gah Lak Tus is a group of robotic entities that consume the world in a similar way to Galactus.

First, they will destroy the planet with a flesh-eating virus, then absorb the heat energy from the abandoned barren planet. Once absorbed, Galactus gains their powers, including the ability to drive entire populations insane with beams of psychic energy.

1. Can Self-Heal


One of the most important aspects of Galactus's body is his ability to repair himself and heal himself from tremendous damage. During the Annihilation event, he was connected to a machine made by Annihilus and Thanos that sucked his power, almost becoming a grain of dust. Even after being released, he was able to survive back from death thanks to the tremendous healing power in his body.

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